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M/OTHER wishes to shed light on the voices of alternative modalities of motherhood and on the lives of these “invisible” mummies. Popular culture and mass media have glamorized and normalized the “mother” in heteronormative households leaving no public discourse on teen, single, incarcerated, foster, rape survivor, special needs, transgender and step-moms etc. This inequity in representation, repression of their visibility leads to less awareness and support for these mothers and their children.

This is a system of silence and shame that leaves little room for these mothers who face social stigma as well as the emotional and economic stress of raising children in alternative households without typical, societal frameworks of support. We need diverse voices to be heard especially in these unprecedented times. M/OTHER foregrounds the challenges of these mothers who raise children in spite of extraordinary circumstances.

Joycelyn, one of the mothers who has not lived to see this book published, wants this as a keepsake for her daughters. Proceeds of the book will go towards a scholarship fund for her young daughters as well as The Best of You, a social movement that creates awareness on urban poverty.

Inspiring Women of Hawai'i

Inspiring Women of HAWAI'I

Inspiring Women of Hawai‘i is a celebration of 24 inspiring women who have contributed to the growth and development of the Aloha State determined by their spheres of influence, dedication, and commitment to their craft, industries, and the Hawaiian community.


All of them have demonstrated their ability to rise above the ordinary, push the margins as frontier and courageously redefined what it means to be 21st-century women. They have bravely forged ahead with their dreams—fearing nothing and no one.


This ground-breaking book will certainly spark conversation and undoubtedly play a significant role in helping to raise awareness, dialogue, and hopefully cultivate woke youth leaders who will go on to be empowered women and men alike to take charge and make change in society just as these Inspiring Women have done.

To purchase:

Inspiring Women of Hawai‘i will be available late October, 2019, in retail stores across Hawai‘i, on Amazon, and from or in Mutual Publishing’s Kaimuki office. For individual bulk orders, contact Jane Gillespie, email:; phone: 808-380-1026.

For wholesale orders: Retail stores may contact their Islander Group sales rep or contact Mutual Publishing to order: 808-732-1709.

To set up interview(s) with author and/or featured women, contact Loretta Chen, email Loretta or

call 808-990-8300.

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Woman on Top

The Art of Smashing Stereotypes and Breaking All the Rules. 

This is a best-selling daring autobiography by one of Singapore’s most prominent entertainment personalities, Dr. Loretta Chen who has built her media reach extending to film, theater, TV, radio, print and press.  


In her maiden outing, she shares her personal victories, devastating heartbreaks, financial setbacks and valuable leadership, management and life lessons.

The Elim Chew Story

Driven by Purpose, Destined for Change.

A heartwarming, candid and frank biography of one of Singapore's most prominent entrepreneur and multi-hyphenates, Elim Chew.

Elim shares her lesser-known familial histories, pangs of growing up, days of being wild, history of retail icon 77th Street, passion for social enterprise, and youth mentorships as well as her latest love, fishing.

The book is written with reflections, take away lessons, engaging entrepreneurial tips and activities for anyone who wishes to be Driven by Purpose and Destined for Change.

Madonnas and Mavericks

Power Women in Singapore

There is a saying that women hold up half the sky. This cannot be more true than in the Singapore context where women form more than 50% of the workforce.

This book is a tribute to the women who have contributed to the growth of Singapore. They have been selected across varying fields ranging from legal, financial, medicine, fashion, sports, arts, advocacy to the now ubiquitous social media.


Inspiring Women of Hawai'i gives us a glimpse of the past, 

a portrait of contemporary Hawai'i and a vision for the future through the eyes of these changemakers.

She's out to change the way the world looks at female leaders of industry.

Loretta Chen’s latest book ‘Madonnas and Mavericks’ is a collection of stories from 17 Singapore women who have made it to the top against the odds.

Harper's Bazaar describes firebrand Dr. Loretta Chen as

a "force of nature", the Straits Times labels her a "Rebel with a Twist", "Wild Thing", and "Crowd Puller."

Chen pushes boundaries in Singapore one play at a time.

Chen, an award-winning theater director, uses her at times hilarious autobiography to take readers through the highs and lows of a life dedicated to shaking up her conservative homeland. 

Driving Conversations, Inspiring Change - 

The Edge.

"Chen’s eye for detail comes through in her frank, light-hearted assessments of her interviewees".

Harper's Bazaar List of 6 books to read on International Women's Day.

What better way to celebrate International Women’s Day today than by sinking your teeth into books penned by local female authors that touch on women, both real and fictional?

Leadership and Personal Branding Seminar for ALIAC.

Air Link International Aviation College held academic development seminar, featuring the international award-winning director, author and professor Dr. Loretta Chen.

In conversation with Asia's most inspiring woman, writer Loretta Chen.

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