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secrets to happiness


Secrets to Happiness is part memoir, travelogue, reality show and 100% heart. Intrepid traveller Loretta Chen goes in search of the secrets to happiness in the Happiest Place on Earth, the Kingdom of Bhutan.  


My Little Red Dot


Written by Edmund’s sister, author-director, Loretta Chen, animated by his actor-illustrator son, Chen Yi Xi and voiced by his actress-influencer daughter, Chen Yi Xin, MLRD with its themes on sustainability, eco-awareness, Asian values and universal principles is destined to become a classic text for generations to come. 

euta goemba

Euta Goemba is a 17th-century monastery in Paro, Bhutan that was devastated by an earthquake in 2011. It has since been successfully reconstructed and a new wing with a monastic college is now underway. 

A wholly student effort, produced by Dr. Loretta Chen, Madison is inspired by Lin-Manuel Miranda's Hamilton.




Caravan Theatre is a traveling, student, alumni and community-based theatre that takes theatre-in-education to schools, organizations and other relevant platforms. We will stage touring productions based on stories from the community, host dramatic reads, encourage creative writings and self-explorations.

future skills.png

building blocks

to a brighter future

Futureskills 101 - Your Future Your Way


Education made easy, affordable and fun with online video classes, chats and group work.


We need future skills:

  • Age of Automation - transforming the way with automation and robots

  • Digital Disruption - prepare for the digital future today

  • Climate Change and Pandemics - future proof your career in times of uncertainty



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