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Kind Words

Laura Fygi

International Jazz Diva

“In 2009, I was asked to play the lead role in the musical Victor/Victoria. This was Loretta’s biggest production in Singapore. No expense was spared from start to finish. It was perfect in every way possible. Loreta delivered amazing work that as nothing short of brilliant.


As I had never acted before, I was nervous and out of my comfort zone. But thankfully for me, dear Loretta was by my side.  She lived with me for a month in Holland. Under her precise direction and excellent intuition as a director, she guided me through this difficult process with complete dedication.


She is an absolute perfectionist but does not stand in the way of people’s talent.  Loretta is incredibly passionate in her work but still holds a perfect balance between professional and being a sensitive and kind person who will always be ready to lend a helping hand.


I can honestly and proudly say that ever since then, I have gained a friend for life!”

“Given Dr. Loretta Chen’s vast experience and expertise in the field of entrepreneurship and as a creative director, arts entrepreneur and corporate trainer, we engaged her services as an International Trainer and International Mentor to the DHI BEGIN Training Program.  The program encourages entrepreneurship by providing comprehensive business skills training, sustained mentoring and possible pitching for equity financing for highly motivated individuals with strong entrepreneurial traits. 

Dr. Loretta Chen is professional, logical and practical and her training was very well received by the trainees.  We greatly appreciate her services and contribution to the DHI BEGIN Program. The goodwill and commitment shown by Dr. Loretta Chen for the program and for entrepreneurship development initiatives is highly commendable. "



past CEO 

Druk Holdings & Investments


Producer - Presenter

GOLD 90.5 FM

"Loretta is one of the most energetic and positive person I’ve ever met. She is persistent as well - if she wants something, she goes all out to get it.  When she directed What the Butler Saw, she wanted me to play the lead role, and after emails and phone calls didn't get her much of a response, she actually came knocking at my front door- she had literally hunted me down!

She is a person with integrity, a sweet heart, and has an indomitable spirit. It is an honour to work with her and I wish her nothing but the best in love and life! " 

“In speaking with the Inspiring Women of Hawaii, Dr. Loretta Chen shines her own light on, as she refers to them, “luminaries”.  Her reason for this, according to her introduction, was to build community upon moving to the islands in 2015.  The compilation of interviews, however, far surpasses this individual goal, in its re-telling of common struggle, relative to social expectations, and of exceptional courage, relative to servant leadership.


These accounts in the hands of Dr. Chen are not glorified but made relatable then extended out as an invitation. In this gesture, she aims to inspire us all – to dare, speak, act and revel when and where we can.”

Linda L.


Non Profit Administrator

Program Evaluator


Dr. Kirpal Singh


Wee Kim Wee Center

“Loretta Chen has wit, charm and a cheeky intelligence that is often conveyed dramatically- by this, I mean she is graphic, courageous and a no-nonsense Singaporean who has lived her life the way she wants. Few Singaporeans can claim such. Having established a firm reputation as a scholar, director and superb human being, now this Inspiring Woman decides to take us on a creative journey etched out in words that can only mesmerize and in the process, show us new ways of understanding. 


This book is a must-read!"

"Pacific Asian Affairs Council (PAAC) is extremely grateful to Dr. Chen for her involvement in our programs and her ability to inspire our students. 


Dr. Chen’s extraordinary accomplishments in Singapore and elsewhere in the world are too numerous to list here.  It is worth mentioning, however, a few other ways in which Dr. Chen is making a difference in Hawaii.  Having just published a book - Madonnas and Mavericks: Power Women in Singapore – she is already working on a similar collection of interviews this time focusing on women in Hawaii entitled Inspiring Women of Hawaii.  She has also been nominated to be a member of the University of Hawaii’s Board of Regents and is on the Board of Directors to one of Hawaii’s most established theater institutions, Manoa Valley Theater.  Despite having just recently relocated to Hawaii, Dr. Chen is quickly becoming an inspiring community leader.


Personally, I feel very, fortunately, to have met someone so charismatic, inspiring, passionate, talented, caring, and generous.  Having seen how well Dr. Chen works with students, I have been inspired to incorporate more art and theater into PAAC’s programs to encourage students to express their thoughts and feelings.  I am grateful to Dr. Chen for challenging me to be a better educator.” 


Jason Shon


Pacific Asian Affairs Council




Zurich International

“Dr. Chen has received worldwide recognition and prestige as a top artist and creative personality and is also known in academic circles for her work in the arts and leadership training. However, what many do not know is her strong credibility in the intersection of national politics, business, public relations and media worlds which I have had the privilege to encounter. She is a top leader and person of extraordinary ability where it comes to bringing all these worlds together. Dr. Chen's creativity, highly astute negotiation skills, ingenuity, and single-minded focus helped us to suture a multi-billion dollar deal with our Chinese counterparts.


To this day, I have not yet met a marketing and creative genius the likes of Dr. Chen who was able to turn a precarious situation around the way she did. She retains a strong vision and daring leadership backed with creative genius and humanity that I have not yet seen even in the most experienced PR companies.  Dr. Chen's passion and love for humanity is infectious. She is mostly known as a daring artist and cultural innovator, but from my point of view, she has a strong head for business and is highly nuanced in negotiations as well as in seasoned public relations. She is also a media guru governed by a strong sense of principles. Her ability to guide us through the business deal was hugely demonstrative of her leadership prowess and sharp business acumen in the international playing field. Dr. Loretta Chen is that one key individual who is driven to succeed and will, in turn, drive any venture to which she sets her mind to success."

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