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Creation. Connection. 


Everyone needs some help sometimes, even in the best organizations, strategic teams and motivated individuals. 


Blessed with high EQ, people skills and years of experience working in cross-cultural industries, Loretta is an expert in the fields of leadership development, strategic thinking, cross cultural communication, creative media and marketing and offers consulting and customised corporate solutions and programs.


She also has 20 years of teaching graduate and undergraduate classes in Directing, Creative & Critical Thinking, Media Communications, Marketing, Public Speaking & Presentation Skills, Performance Theory as well as Personal Development and Leadership.  In fact, she was one of the Founding Members of the Creativity, Innovation and Enterprise Centre that was established in 2002.


Owing to her strong leadership and oratorical abilities, she was engaged as the International Trainer & Consultant to Druk Holdings and Investments (DHI), the government investment arm of the Kingdom of Bhutan and facilitated a roundtable with the Chairman of Temasek Holdings, a global investment firm that manages a sovereign wealth fund of over USD 225 billion. 


Loretta has also worked one-on-one with top CEOs and Heads of State on their public presentations, media appearances and personal outreach projects.


Some of her most popular seminars include Centered Leadership and the Entrepreneurial Woman created for the University of Southern Maine; Cognition, Learning and Creativity for the Asia Pacific Leadership Program (APLP) held at the federally-run East West Center; Branding & Marketing designed for APU Ritsumeikan University in Japan as well as the Theater workshops she frequently conducts as part of her engagement at the University of Hawaii campuses.  Her TED talk, The Power of Failure is also popular with leadership camps, corporate retreats and brown bag seminars.


Indeed, Loretta’s strongest suits are her 3Cs- creating, connecting and communicating and she looks forward to being able to work with you to create your breakthrough in your career, communication and creative endeavours.

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