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Secret to Happiness - CLIMB Seminar and Screening

The Kingdom of Bhutan is famous for being the happiest place on earth. Standing at 25,000 feet above sea level, it has managed to preserve its unique culture and distinct philosophy through the passage of time.

CLIMB live online leadership talk: secrets to happiness with Dr. Loretta Chen

Join us for an exclusive dialogue with Dr. Loretta Chen to discuss her recently completed featured film, “Secrets to Happiness.”

As an international consultant and researcher in Bhutan, she will address issues on sustainability, social entrepreneurship and share inspiring tales of overcoming; leadership, authenticity and of course, attempt to unravel the secrets to happiness.


Dr. Loretta Chen

Dr. Loretta Chen is an award-winning executive creative director for brands such as Louis Vuitton, Samsung, Nike and is a professor and best-selling author. Currently based in Hawaii, Dr. Loretta Chen teaches at University of Hawaii – Leeward Community College and is passionate about education, arts and advocacy for women & youth. She co-founded Futureskills 101 to provide free education to communities of need.


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