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"Why Can’t We All Get Along: The Art of Creative Conflict" with Dr. Loretta Chen

This workshop shares insights and case studies from the world of a prolific ad agency and its ability to thrive in spite of cultural, personal and creative conflict. What are some key lessons that we can glean from mastering creative conflict? How do we turn differences into innovation gold? How can design thinking aid in our espousal of creative conflict? We will enable participants to work on a case study as well as explore a creative collaboration in this engaging, interactive session. About the Presenters: Singaporean Dr. Loretta Chen is an award-winning media veteran, professor and author. Her latest book, Inspiring Women of Hawaii is available at Costco, Target and good bookstores with all proceeds going to Women of Waianae Scholarship fund. She was a Nominated Member of Parliament and voted one of Asia’s Most Inspiring Women for her work in education, arts and advocacy.

The “Difficult Conversation Series” is a set of six virtual workshops designed to address tough topics that may be discussed in personal and professional environments. Intrigued? Explore this edition of The University of Hawai'i News.

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