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with keynote speaker Dr. Loretta Chen at the 2020 Hawai'i Association for Career and Technical Education Conference

January 30 & 31

Hawai'i Convention Center

Thank you Hawaii ACTE for this incredible opportunity to share on the 21st-century educator and its interpellations with AI, MOOC in this VUCA world in the Opening Keynote to 700+ attendees from Dept of Education and Univ of Hawaii. 

In my two other breakouts, I also spoke on Gross National Happiness as an alternative matrix for assessing progress, citing Bhutan as a case study as well as premiering my short film on Secrets to Happiness directed by Bhutan’s leading media personality Namgay Zam. I also shared my TED talk, The Power of Failure and the importance of leaning into vulnerability as an Authentic Leader.

My deepest gratitude to President Barack Obama for mailing me a letter addressed to the conference-goers that came in time (4 hours to be exact !) before the keynote. This means a lot to the organization and the attendees as your words inspire and uplift especially in these divisive times.



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Tips to Saving a Crappy Day

Tips to Saving a Crappy Day 300614.mp3Dr. Loretta Chen
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How Successful People Stay Calm

How Successful People Stay Calm.mp3Dr. Loretta Chen
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Top Tips to Being on Top

Top Tips To Being On Top .mp3Dr. Loretta Chen
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S'pore International Film Festival

S'pore International Film FestivalDr. Loretta Chen
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Moving Forward Together

Singapore, Bhutan

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Beyond Individual Good

The Phillipines

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